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Think Creatively

Gems makes our students discover their ability to come up with new and fascinating ideas. Through creativity we help them find the potential to be better every day. Gems believes that creativity is as important as literacy and innovation is the key towards achieving.

Knowledge In Life

Gems Public School is a treasure trove of knowledge which we import to our students with diligence and perseverance. With time they evolve to become real GEMS in power and light of their education. We sharpen their skills and make them smarter to be a better generation and lead the world.

Active Learning

Through an integrated study approach with sound and visuals, our students are involved in a well structed holistic learning program. Gems visual Theatre provides the perfect ambience to visualize and experiment the knowledge they have acquired from the class rooms.

About Gems Public School

Along with the charitable functions Global Educational and Charitable Trust (Regd.) fulfills its educational functions by filling the gap of an established English Medium School in this locality. GEMS PUBLIC SCHOOL provides modern and all-round quality education under CBSE stream. Currently the school runs at Secondary level and aims to reach very soon at Senior Secondary level. The Trust is looking forward to establish various institutional infrastructures in the locality.

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Gems Public School

News and Events

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Colouring competition

In order to bring out their natural aptitude & their creativity in arts, we have conducted.

Gems Drug War

Our school has been honoured by the presence of a great inspiring personality

White day

The symbol of peace, 'white day' has been memorialized on November 22nd.

Green day

The colour of prosperity, “Green day "has been celebrated on july 5th 2019 with lots of activities which helped the students to know the beauty of nature and school campus was decorated fully with greenish background.

Hiroshima day

August 6, Hiroshima day was commemorated as the remembrance of the bombing attack on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The message of this day was to promote the 'importance of peace' in the entire world and in children’s minds.

Red day

The most attractive day in Gems , the Red day has been celebrated with full of bright events such as students chain, different cultural programs etc on August 2nd 2019.

Re-opening day

Gems presented a warm welcome celebration for our new buds with lots of fun & entertainment activities on June 14th 2019.

Gems radio

Another beautiful attraction of Gems, that is "Gems radio" which carries a major role to enhance the communication skill in journalism among our students to a certain extent.

Gandhi jayanthi

Gandhi jayanthi Gems celebrated 150th birth anniversary of great Mahathma Gandhi on October 2nd 2019. It was a momentous day for our kids to aware of the sacrifices made by ‘our father of nation’.

Annual day

Gems organized Annual day on January 31st 2020 to exhibit our younger buds’ inherent talents. Indeed it was a splendid day.

Blue day

Gems Blue day has been celebrated with lots of fun activities on September 6th 2019 and it was really a bluish day.

Food day celebration

IStudents have actively participated in food day celebration, with various delicious food items made by themselves.

Graduation day

Our budding kids were awarded and graduated by great lecturer, famous film artist Mr. Jagadish on 1st February 2020 during 2019-20

Swimming Pool inauguration

We have inaugurated one of the most important facility in Gems, Rivera pool @ Gems by an eminent personality & film actor Mr. Jagadish on 1st February 2020.

Gems Turf Court inauguration

Our Gems turf court’s foundation stone has been laid by Ex-education minister P.K Abdu Rabb, MLA on 15th Feb, 2020

International yoga day

International yoga day has been observed on June 21,2019 by giving the wonderful yoga session for Gems Kids.

Food & Fun Fair

To give awareness of the hygiene food and importance of natural food , our teachers exhibited the varieties of delicious homemade food items for our students & parents . It was truly a sumptuous and mouth watering event and was inaugurated by famous motivational speaker Philip Mampad on 15th Feb, 2020


It was a magical eve , by the great Magician ,Gopinath Muthukad . Our students got inspired by his magical informative program "Mcube- Moulding minds Magically".